Constant Ringing In Ears: What Causes Constant Ringing In The Ears?

by Lisa Billingsley

what causes constant ringing in earsAre you suffering from constant ringing in the ears? Are you wondering what causes ringing in the ears and how to stop constant ringing in ears? You’re not alone.

Constant ringing in the ears, whether it’s intermittent or a constant background noise, is a condition called tinnitus.

Over 37 million Americans suffer from this condition to some degree. Tinnitus and the constant ringing in the ears that accompanies it doesn’t have one universal underlying cause. It can be caused by lots of different things, including:

  • Natural Hearing Loss
  • Ear Infection
  • Excessive Exposure To Loud Noise Or Music
  • Sudden Loud Noise (Acute Trauma)
  • Earwax
  • Side Effect Of Medications
  • Ear Disease

The truth of the matter is, a certain level of tinnitus or head noise is perfectly normal, but at a normal level head noise is masked by a constant flow of external noise. If you put anybody into a sound proof booth, they will hear a certain level of background noise, which may be perceived as a “ringing” or “whirring” noise. However, tinnitus and constant ringing in ears becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with the patient’s daily life. What causes regular background ringing in ears to become a disorder?

Common Tinnitus Causes Resulting In Constant Ringing In Ears

There are a lot of different tinnitus causes. Any foreign body in our external ear, including excess ear wax, fluid, disease of the middle ear bones, disease of the ear drum, or other ear infection will make us more aware of our head sounds and can cause tinnitus, but there are a lot of other tinnitus causes as well.

Perhaps one of the most common causes of tinnitus is natural hearing loss that can be due to genetics or simple aging. With hearing loss, the tinnitus suffer will experience damage to the microscopic nerve endings the ear, causing chronic tinnitus and constant ringing in ears.

Another common tinnitus cause that has become extremely common in recent times is exposure to loud noises. This can cause temporary tinnitus, or permanent tinnitus when it involves hearing damage. Many people are unconcerned or unaware of the effect that excessively loud music, firearms, or work environments can have on hearing.

Constant Ringing In Ears Treatment: How To Stop Constant Ringing In Ears?

If the tinnitus is caused by something in the external ear, then removing the obstruction will get rid of tinnitus and the constant ringing in the ears.

However, with most cases of Tinnitus, such as those caused by natural age or genetic related hearing loss or exposure to loud noise, the cure for tinnitus is to repair some of the damage to the inner ear. This is done by boosting the supply of natural minerals and nutrients to the inner ears cells, and letting the body’s own natural healing system do its work.

How To Cure Constant Ringing In The Ears – Our Tinnitus Treatment Recommendation

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