About Us

We are three former tinnitus suffers who met through a tinnitus support message board. Having been through the struggle with tinnitus and knowing the way it can severely impact one’s life, we understand how frustrating it can be to not have the answers.

We decided to create tinnitusringinginears.org as a one stop resource for people suffering from tinnitus. We hope to offer the latest up date information about tinnitus, tinnitus causes, symptoms, and of course effective tinnitus treatment and remedies. We share what did and didn’t work for us, as well as what we hear from other people like yourself who are/were living with tinnitus.

Please note that while we have all spent extensive time researching tinnitus for personal reasons and participating in online tinnitus support groups, we are not doctors and this website is not medical advice. All the information on this site is simply our opinion, and should not be relied on to make any medical decisions. Be sure to consult your physician before making any major decisions with regards to treatment.