Do you Desperately need Tinnitus Treatment & Relief from Ringing In Ears?

tinnitus treatment ringing in ears reliefAre you suffering from constant ringing in the ears? Are you struggling to find treatment and relief from this irritating & sometimes painful condition?

Do any of the following symptoms describe what you’re experiencing?

  • You hear noises that no one around you hears
  • You hear buzzing/ringing type noises for no apparent reason
  • Ringing may be accompanied by clicking/rushing sounds that go along with your pulse

What you are experiencing is known medically as Tinnitus. There is a lot of information out there about different tinnitus treatments, but all this information can be very confusing and usually doesn’t lead to effective tinnitus treatment.

This is why we created this website – to spread the truth about tinnitus and help tinnitus sufferers like you get Tinnitus relief and take your life back! The 3 co-founders of, have all struggled with and eventually won the battle against tinnitus, so we know exactly what you’re going through.

Why Can’t I Find Tinnitus Treatment That ACTUALLY Works?

The reason so many tinnitus treatments don’t work, is because they fail to recognize that tinnitus is not a disease, but rather it is a symptom of a very wide range of different underlying conditions. So how can we use this knowledge to obtain tinnitus relief?

Because tinnitus is a symptom of different underlying conditions, determining the underlying cause of tinnitus and effectively treating tinnitus can appear to be extremely difficult. However, this is also the key to effective tinnitus treatment. The reason so many tinnitus treatments fail is because the underlying condition was misunderstood. In order to obtain effective tinnitus relief, you must identify the causes and triggers of your tinnitus, so that they can be directly treated. Thankfully, this is much easier than it sounds.

What Are The Major Causes Of Tinnitus?

While there are dozens of different causes of tinnitus, 2 causes are responsible for approximately 90% of Tinnitus cases. These are:

  • Age related hearing loss: This is when tinnitus is related to natural ear related hearing loss. If you are over 40, or have a family history of hearing loss, and you have not experienced any major trauma to the ears recently, this is likely the cause. You don’t necessarily have to notice the hearing loss, since tinnitus may be the first symptom you notice.
  • Exposure To Loud Noise:Consistent exposure to loud noise actually causes a huge majority of tinnitus conditions. This is usually due to constant exposure to loud noise from a loud work environment, frequenting nightclubs and concerts, listening to loud music, or exposure to sudden loud noises like gunshots.

So in 90% of the cases, that nuisance known as tinnitus is caused by hearing loss, even very minor hearing loss. Oftentimes, this hearing loss is so minor that it’s not even noticeable to the tinnitus sufferer. You may not realize you have hearing loss, but if you are suffering from tinnitus, your ears probably aren’t quite as sharp as they once were.

How Does Knowing The Causes Of Tinnitus Help You Get Tinnitus Relief?

what causes constant ringing in earsTo understand how this information helps us treat tinnitus, we have to know a little bit more about hearing loss.

Hearing loss, both age related as well as due to exposure to loud noise, results from damage to the sensitive structures in our inner ears. These sensitive structures – also known as hair cells – convert sound energy into electrical signals. These electrical signals are in turn transmitted to our brain and are interpreted by our brain as sound. Unfortunately, once these hair cells are damaged, they don’t grow back which is why hearing loss is permanent.

As you’ll read though, just because the hearing loss may be permanent, doesn’t mean tinnitus is permanent as well. Remember, tinnitus is only a symptom resulting from the underlying cause, which in 90% of cases is hearing loss. Sometimes, hearing loss comes with a ringing, buzzing, or roaring noise that we call tinnitus. You may experience tinnitus in one ear, both ears, you may experience it occasionally or it may be continuous.

So if tinnitus is caused by hearing loss, how come so many people suffer hearing loss, but don’t suffer from tinnitus?

Getting Effective Tinnitus Treatment

So why doesn’t everyone who suffers from hearing loss also suffer from tinnitus? This is the part where science’s knowledge of tinnitus gets a little fuzzy. We know that tinnitus is linked with the lack of sound associated with hearing loss, but we know it’s not a direct link either. So what exactly do we know about treating tinnitus?

What we do know, is that people who suffer from tinnitus appear to have a much lower level of zinc in the inner ear. A healthy inner ear contains a higher concentration of Zinc than any other organ in the body. There have been several clinical studies showing a correlation between zinc deficiencies and tinnitus.

So, while the hearing loss may have helped bring out the tinnitus, the difference between those with hearing loss who suffered from tinnitus and those who didn’t ,was that those who didn’t also suffered from Zinc deficiencies. This is likely the reason why even though hearing loss isn’t reversible, we can reverse the effects of tinnitus by supplanting our diet with higher levels of the Zinc needed for healthy inner ear function.

Getting Enough Zinc For Tinnitus Relief

tinnitus treatment zincZinc is found in many of the everyday foods we eat. However, if you are suffering from tinnitus, you likely require a higher daily dosage of Zinc than the average person. The best way we’ve found to improve Zinc concentration in the inner ear and get rid of tinnitus was with a product called Tinnitus Control.

Tinnitus control is specifically formulated to deliver a range of natural ingredients that have been selected specifically because they have been shown to increase inner ear function and raise zinc concentrations, thereby alleviating Tinnitus.

If you’re looking for a quick, instant cure for tinnitus, Tinnitus Control can’t help, nor can any other medication or treatment. But are you looking for a magic cure, or a real cure that really works? It takes time to restore healthy inner ear function. All three of us know from experience that it can take from a few weeks, to sometimes even a few months, using Tinnitus Control or other similar over the counter medications twice a day to completely get rid of tinnitus.

How Do You Use Tinnitus Control For Tinnitus Relief?

The good news is that not only does Tinnitus Control really work, but it’s very easy to use as well. You simply spray it under the tongue twice, 3 times a day, and let it work to restore the health of your inner ear. Since it uses all-natural ingredients, it is also completely 100% safe. We’ve never known anyone who experienced any negative side effects using Tinnitus Control, and we’ve been recommending tinnitus control for tinnitus treatment for many years.

Once I get Rid Of Tinnitus, How do I Prevent Tinnitus From Coming Back?

We recommend continuing to use tinnitus control even after the tinnitus goes away, but you can reduce the frequency to about once a day. We also highly recommend that you stay away from loud noises. If you must work in a loud environment, wear ear plugs. Remember, seeking tinnitus treatment is only the first step, it’s important once your tinnitus is cured to take the appropriate steps to prevent it from coming back.

Where Can You Get Tinnitus Control?

tinnitus treatment tinnitus controlThe best place to purchase Tinnitus Control is to order direct from the manufacturer. This can save you hundreds of dollars.

By ordering direct, you can purchase bottles for as little as $39.52. We’ve included a link below for you to get the discount, and we’re confident that you’ll finally be able to cure tinnitus, once and for all with Tinnitus Control.

Just one last note: While we highly recommend Tinnitus control as an effective tinnitus treatment that has helped us each overcome our struggles with tinnitus, it is important that you do your own research before you make your purchase.

If you’d like to order Tinnitus control now, we’ve provided a link below that will get you a discount on Tinnitus Control (by letting you ordering direct from the manufacturer). Otherwise, feel free to keep exploring our website. We are constantly updating with new information about tinnitus treatment, causes, symptoms, and more. Thank you for visiting, and we wish you success in your fight against tinnitus.

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